OT: PicBASIC Pro. Writing Own Functions, INCLUDE, Target Header, Library Files


I have PBP 2.04. I have just read 30 pages of the PBP manual dealing with how PBP works. As I have an older version, some current functions are not available to PBP 2.04, as well as many PIC models.

I am also learning C, and have resources like Visual Studio 6.0 and VS .NET, CCS C, IAR C, and Microchip Student 18Series PIC C, and have done some PIC C, VB, Java (yuck) programming for a hobby several years ago. At uni many years ago I did a course in Pascal, and recently completed an introductory C programming course using 8255 and AD/DA PC interfaces. I would like to learn some VC++/C++ using Visual Studio to implement my ideas. I also have access to Borland Delphi if needed.

What I would like to do is write my own functions, libraries, INCLUDEs, and Target Headers. It seems apparent that this could be done in assembly to some degree. However, does anyone know of other ways to achieve these goals using C, and/or VC++, and/or VB routines and/or making dll files that somehow could be used to create functions and libraries with only basic ASM skill level? For example, extending the MATH functions, and including 32-bit real and floating point math in C some how - wrappers?, DLLs?, others? maybe using batch files, Make files or some sort of scripting to tie the technologies together in some package and to give some encapsulation.

It seems thet the Microchip MPASM PIC device definitions files would be handy.

I don't expect a hand-holding explanation here, but if someone could please outline some areas to focus on and a brief list of resources/links it would be a cool way to extend PBP 2.04 etc.

Although programming in BASIC is well, maybe too basic from my point of view, developing solutions to this approach will teach me assembler, C/C++,PIC architectures and functions, and other skills that will no doubt be very valuable. I will post my experiences on my website to help others learn too, as I like the open-source paradigm and spirit. Eventually (5 year goal?) I would like to write my own open-source compiler and language for PIC, which as far as I know is not yet available.

Yes I have posted on PBP forum recently, but thought that there might be people here with the advanced skills to help (or maybe to refer me to more relevant development forums [fora?] or Newsgroups).

Your ideas and thoughts are most welcome.




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