Panasonic 1381 trigger

Hi. Can anybody tell me why Panasonic doesn't seem to have these things on their site anymore? Did they stop making them? Is someone else making them? Should i grab as many as i can get?

They are still listed in Digi-Key, and seem available, but they are not on the Panasonic site. any info would be appreciated. I am just gettng into BEAM stuff and would hate to find out I couldn't get them. Thanks, Martin

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They are being phased out in preference for the new RoHS versions. These new ones are functionally identical, but don't use any potentially hazardous materials in their construction.

I think the new ones are 13811.

Regards,. Dave

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Dave Hrynkiw

Dear Sir; Thank you, and for reference I did buy 10 from Solarbotics. I am interested in the replacements, because I wanted to get samples of various voltage level devices. I have an interesting idea for their use in one of my machines as well. I am producing material that possesses certain conductivity characteristcs that can be tested in acontinuous stream and used to modify the production process ( U.S. Patent 6,534,018, and others, cover my machines if you are curious. ) They seem a useful cheap monitoring and feedback device for a lot of things. Are there other similar devices in use that you know of, other than this one and the other chi p mentioned in Junkbots, bugbots, & etc. ( TC54VN20) . asmall cluster of sensors that could be placed in a product stream and dtermine among them selves which of their data signals are of value to and should be sent to, the master controller, would be really cool for my machines.

Thanks for your reply an very best regards,

Martin ;}

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