pcf 8591 i2c bus basic stamp problem

I'm trying to control a PCF8591 A/D Converter with my Basic Stamp 2p40
via I2C Bus. Bus is working as I can control a PCF8574 without
Code is as follows:
I2COUT 8, I2CIdSharpsWrite, I2CSharpsControlByte00,
I2CIN 8, I2CIdSharpsRead, 0, [B0]
I2COUT 8, I2CIdSharpsWrite, I2CSharpsControlByte01,
I2CIN 8, I2CIdSharpsRead, 0, [B1]
I2COUT 8, I2CIdSharpsWrite, I2CSharpsControlByte10,
I2CIN 8, I2CIdSharpsRead, 0, [B2]
I2COUT 8, I2CIdSharpsWrite, I2CSharpsControlByte11,
I2CIN 8, I2CIdSharpsRead, 0, [B3]
The Constants are correctly defined elsewhere. Now the problem is that
all read values contain the result of the AN0-Port of the Device. No
other result is read.
I also tried it with AutoIncrement flag set and multiple reads in one
I2CIN statement. No chance.
I Think it might have to do with the address information which the BS
sends via I2C because the PCF8591 doesn't need any address.
Any Ideas? Working code?
I'm just thinking: Maybe I should put the controlbyte into the I2CIN
address location and drop the I2COUT statements. When the PCF
interprets the sent 0 address as a control byte then everything is
clear. Will try after work...
Code? I2CIN 8, I2CIdSharpsRead, I2CSharpsControlByte00, [B0]
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Gerhard Schwanz
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