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> BAE SYSTEMS MICROPROCESSORS ENROUTE TO MARS > BAE Systems Press Release > July 25, 2003 > > The RAD6000 is a high-performance 32-bit Reduced > Instruction Set Computer (RISC) that provides powerful and > flexible solutions for space applications. > > About BAE SYSTEMS > BAE SYSTEMS is an international company engaged in the > development, delivery and support of advanced defence and > aerospace systems in the air, on land, at sea and in space. > The company designs, manufactures and supports military > aircraft, surface ships, submarines, radar, avionics, > communications, electronics and guided weapon systems. It > is a pioneer in technology with a heritage stretching back > hundreds of years. It is at the forefront of innovation, working > to develop the next generation of intelligent defence systems. > > BAE BAE SYSTEMS has major operations across five > continents and customers in some 130 countries. The > company has 100,000 people and generates annual sales of > approximately £12 billion through its wholly-owned and joint > venture operations. > > BAE SYSTEMS, innovating for a safer world. > > BAE SYSTEMS North America is a high-technology U.S. > company employing more than 25,000 people who live and > work in some 30 states, the District of Columbia, and the > United Kingdom. The company is dedicated to solving its > customers' needs with highly innovative and leading edge > solutions across the defence electronics, systems, information > technology, and services arenas. > > BAE SYSTEMS Information & Electronic Warfare Systems > employs more than 5,500 people at ten major facilities in eight > states. The business unit is a major producer of aircraft > self-protection systems and tactical surveillance and > intelligence systems for all branches of the armed forces. > Other major business areas include microwave, mission and > space electronics; infrared imaging; and automated mission > planning systems. > > For further information, please contact: > Marianne Murphy, IEWS > Tel: +1 603 885 2812 Fax: +1 603 885 2813 > > > Ref: 127/2003

Ron of NASA, why are you stooping to posting a "BAE Press Release" for a contractor from

Why is the U.S. government making press release posts for a private company?

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And in a few short months we can have another hoax expose here at sci.astro, I can read those headlines now!

"BAE Processors never landed on Mars"

"BAE is an anagram for Satanic worship"

"Dr Min claims BAE processors are really Tarot inspired by Cowards and Atheists at NASA"

"Mining pioneer from Australia claims BAE processors being sent to Mars to search for Gold"

"Sarfatti announces BAE Processors forerunner of new stargate technology to be seeded on Mars"

"Nancy Lieder claims BAE Processors being sent to transmit hologram to hide Planet X"

"BAE Processors found in Pennsylvania Coal Deposits, proof positive of life after death"

"Chemtrail evidence that BAE processors are cynical plot by Bush Administration"

"BAE Processors attuned to UFO experiencer implants - Shadow government to do population control from Mars"

"Pietro Somavilla: Those dadburn BAE processors have thrown my compass out of kilter, now I'll never know when PlanetX arrives"

"Huge drop in earths oceans caused by eerie effect created by BAE processors"

"Roll-out, roll-out ye kooks!"


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