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: I'm in the process of designing a bot which is going to use 2 X 12V DC
: motors. When I stall the motor, it draws 15 Amps. At my local Hobby Store
: they sell DC motor controllers for RC Cars for around $90 CDN with Fwd and
: Rev that can handle over 40 Amps, and can be controlled with PWM...
: My question is: Is this a good choice for controller? I was going to
: purchase two of these to control my Bot. I'm going to be using a Basic Stamp
: to control the whole mess.
: Any help would be appriciated,
: Kelly
With a Basic Stamp, no, not by itself. The stamp can't generate two servo
signals at the same time reliably. You'll need some kind of coprocessor to
handle the servo pulses that the Stamp will talk to. In that case then,
those controllers will do ok. However, remember that they are used to
dealing with 40Amps for a short period of time and for running an RC car
from between 5 minutes to 10 minutes at a time. They are a little delicate
if you're doing a robocombat type of bot, but they'll work for other types
of robot pretty well. Looking into LRP and GM ESC speedos, they are the
toughest of the lot.
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