Robot Ideas.. Hummer RC/ Mini-itx / Serial

I'm thinking of an epia TC6000E it has a DC-DC controller. and I can
run it off a cf card (not much memory) and add a wireless card to
control this robot through the web: (as well as have some programming)
formatting link

I'm thinking for a body one of those Hummer H2's from walmart.. really
large (enough for my mini-itx)
this one is pretty cool there's room inside for it:
formatting link

this second one has 19V battery which means it's pretty strong.. strong
enough to carry the minititx.
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(I have one of Acromnames gp 1.0 motorminds too i can delegate some of
the driving to )
Ideally i'd like to control front/reverse and direction using a dual
H-bridge (dual H-bridge) and a serial port.
looked at the Motor mind B/C but not sure exactly how to get those
working on com pots..
formatting link

any suggestions for hardware and software would be appreciated.
planning on using this robot to chase after the dog while i'm at work
:) thus adding a webcam and web control :)
hopefully u guys can help me put the hardware together
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