Servo control with PICAXE 18X

Hi all,
I am currently working on a GCSE project involving a two wheel drived robot with a third wheel that will be used for turning. The third
wheel will be controlled using a linkage to a servo. The project board i am using can be found at the below link.
I am then using a PICAXE 18X chip with this board. The board currently has two motors attached to the high power outputs and i have removed the resistor as described in the manual (that can be found on the page above) so that the high power outputs can be used. The control wire of the servo is then connected to pin2 and the following code has been programed onto the PICAXE chip.
loop: servo 2,75 ' move servo to one end pause 2000 ' wait 2 seconds servo 2,150 ' move servo to centre pause 2000 ' wait 2 seconds servo 2,225 ' move servo to other end pause 2000 ' wait 2 seconds goto loop ' loop back to start
This code was taken from the 18X manual which is here (see page 78 for servo command details)
Each power supply on the project board was then setup with a 5v power supply and so was the servo however nothing happened. I double checked all the connections however i couldnt see anything obviously wrong. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
Thanks in advance,
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