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I'm trying to source electronics (transmitter and receiver) for TOY (TOY as in cheap Chinese wal mart junk) car project. It's single channel, non-proportional. The transmitter could have two buttons (left or right) and nothing for "straight" or it could be a steering wheel type. Range is 100 ft, so something in the standard 27 or 49 MHz range would be great. I'd like something completely pre-built, electronically speaking, so I didn't have to deal with FCC B.S. My ideal output would be a simple push rod that springs back to center.

Of course a cheap proportional setup would be great too, if it's in the budget. There is no electric motor drive, so all it would run on would be 4 "AA" batteries or whatever.

In an ideal world, some company in Taiwan makes a little black box with an antenna, a switch, a battery door and a thing that a pushrod hooks to that you simply clip or screw in to whatever you want and one of those little 9V transmitters that's so small it's hard for an adult to hold on to.

Does anybody know of a manufacturer?



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Andy Baker
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Try checking with the embassy of the usual countrys thet make the cheap toys for a list of their manufacturers.

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Si Ballenger

--Try posting to the manufacturing newsgroup. too; forgot the whole address, but search usenet and it'll pop up..

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