SRf08, algorithm to find where obstacle can be?

Using the SRF08, how can I compute the possible location
of the obstacle that an echo was received from?
algorithm requires:
input: time of echo (distance away)
input: angle of sensor (0-180 degrees)
output: list of x,y's relative to sensor
where the obstacle can be located.
beginning pt of arc, end pt of arc where
obstacle can be located.
I can do the equations to see what points
(cells) are on an arc. computing the arc
compared to the distance away an echo was
received from is giving me trouble
I cannot find (or view, at least) information
on the SRF08 to complete this. the beam
spreads out the farther away it gets from
the sensor, increasing the number of spots
an echo can be coming from.
I'd like something linear so I can do it
quickly without floating point or complex
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If you're trying to build a map from sonar data, look into Moravac's certainty grid algorithms. I used them a decade ago, and they work quite well.
John Nagle
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