Unable to re-assemble automatic center punch

Hi All,

I took apart my automatic center punch (Lisle p/n 30280) and son of a gun, careful as I was, the parts sprayed everywhere. I'm pretty sure I recovered all the parts, but truth-be-told, I've tried all the various assembly combinations and still can't get it to work (it refuses to click and strike a dimple).

If anyone's familiar with this tool and can tell me the proper sequence of parts insertion (and verify that I do still indeed have all the parts) I'd sure appreciate it.

Take care,

-Jim R.

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Jim R.
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I?ve got a ?General? automatic center punch. Is that close enough?

Total 9 parts.(not including pocket clip)

Front collar, punch, front spring, strike block, body, hammer, rear spring, wear plate and end cap,

If it sounds close, post me a good e-mail address and I?ll post you an exploded jpg.


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Thanks for the help happy, I appreciate it. But I decided to take the silly thing back to Sears and exchange it for another one made by Empire. Although I haven't taken it apart, this Empire one is probably the same one you have by General. The one made by Lisle that I got rid of had a ball bearing in it. If I manage to mess this new one up I'll probably be wantin' to get back with ya' ;-)

Take care, Jim R.

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Jim R.

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