using SCORBOT for disabled people

Hi there,
I am a sophomore in electrical engg at IIT roorkee, India. During
summer, I have been assigned the task of building some novel
application using SCORBOT robotic arm for disabled people. I have
thought of some uses like simple pick and place operations like
bottle,book etc. Something like switching operations can also be done.
Please suggest what other uses I can put the robotic arm to. I have 2
complete months to do it. I also have access to viewflex software(an
image processing software). I have to present my proposal within next
8 days.
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How about a puff operated arm? Code up different combinations of puffs to move the arm around. A puff is when you blow a short burst of air from your mouth into a small tube. For example, one long puff is clear and or stop command. two short puffs move forward a little, one short puff move back. One long and lone short move left, two long move right. Three long puffs pick up or grab something. Three short puffs let go of something. one long two short move up.
Voice operated would work too. "UP", "Down", "Left", "Right", "Forward", "Back", "Grab", "Drop", etc.
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Earl Bollinger

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