Aeromodelling Workshop

Cognizance '09
IIT Roorkee proudly presents to you its Annual Technical Festival
Cognizance 2009. Being one of the largest Science and Technology
festivals of India, it witnesses the largest congregations of nearly
7000 enterprising students.
Cognizance is an agglomeration of over 150 events which encompass each
wavelength of the entire technical spectrum amongst 16 departments.
Ranging from Workshops, Guest Lectures to Chaos- the gaming festival
and quiz buzzes like Quizzotica and Enquesta, it promises to keep your
brains rattling from March 20 to 22, 2009.
Cognizance 2009 is introducing new dimensions to its already glorious
repertoire of Centrestage events by introducing Guest Lectures from
Nobel laureates of various fields and workshops of various genre.
Guest Lectures
Dr. John Ockendon
Director of Oxford Center of Applied Industrial Mathematics, Lecture
on Mathematics for Industries in the 21st century.
Dr. John C Mather
Post-Doctoral fellow at NASA Goddard Space Center, Nobel Laureate
(2006, Physics), Lecture on The universe from the beginning to the
Possible End.
Dr. S. J. Gates Jr
Director of the Center for String & particle Theory, University of
Maryland, USA. Lecture on his pioneering work in String Theory
Prof. Biswarup Mukhopadhyay
Scientist at HCRI Allahabad, lecture on physics of particles relating
to Large Hardron Collider.
Dr. B B Arora
Leading Scientist of Dept of Forensic Sciences, will reveal strategies
to track down terrorists in his lecture
Mr. M. C. Mehta
Environmental crusader and Magsaysay award winner 1997 will share his
Aeromodelling workshop brings you an opportunity to design your own
control-line airplane.
Robotics Workshop
(i-robotricks, e-robotricks) to provide the right knowledge to the
aspiring Robotics geeks.
Flash animation
A stimulating Flash animation workshop to hone the web designing
skills and create various novel entertainment tools.
Six sigma
Workshop to explain set of practices, designed to improve
manufacturing processes and eliminate defects in business management.
3 day workshop to provide insight to the students in the rapidly
growing field of science, Bioinformatics.
3-D photography
World is 3D so why images are to be in 2D? Learn the art of giving
life into your images.
Exhibitions at TechExpo have been currently divided into 2 categories:
Open House: This exhibition provides a once in a lifetime chance to
have a look into the latest research and development work going in
various companies
Genesis: This competitive event is a platform for young minds from
different engineering streams to exhibit their innovations.
Cultural Night
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"
After lots of mental fatigue due to brainstorming session its time to
relax your brain cells by the flow of adrenaline with the thump of
Cultural night has always marked a imposing successful end to
cognizance. Likes of Silk Route,Mohit Chauhan, Euphoria have performed
earlier. Talks are in progress with Farhan Akhtar. He is likely to
perform and rock on.
Above list of enriching events promises not only to increase your
general IQ level but also to provide you with knowledge of latest
concepts and the direction in which science and technology is moving
So people learn from this extravaganza and be a part of this endeavor
to make the world a bit greener as "Think Energy, go Green" is our
theme this year.
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