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Today's New York Times, 09 Oct 2003, had an article about the big Darpa race to Las Vegas. Just some interesting stats. Apparently, about 74 teams are entered, some with as few as 2 people, and others like CMU with 30. CMU is converting a Hummer, and spending many millions. [hmmm, I wonder if it will be able to get thru the narrow spots off-road? :)]. CalTech is spending about $400K, and converting a regular chevie SUV. Some of the teams are downloading complete sets of topo maps and satellite imagery into onboard computers.

Teams will be given the GPS coordinates 2 hours before the race starts, and entries leave at [get this] 20 yard intervals - that should be entertaining. Doesn't say much about how they are dealing with the really hard problem - figuring out what's 50 feet in front of the vehicle and plotting a successful course through the brambles. Apparently, odds are nobody's gonna the finish the race this year, but the article says Darpa plans to repeat it every 18 months till someone does [or GWB spends the $$$ on something else].


- dan michaels

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--Doesn't sound right; IIRC there are only 31 teams signed up B4 the deadline passed.

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