Want to learn and use AT89C4051. Any suggestions for a beginner?

I have been a PIC microcontroller user, but I have to use AT89C4051 for a new project. I hope someone here could give me suggestions about how to start quickly and work some simple tasks. Some of the major questions are following:

  1. what equipment should I get, emulator, debuger, or programmer?

  1. If there are multiple choices, which one is more user friendly and easy to use?

  2. How about price? Freeware would be nice.

  1. please suggest some quick references

  2. are the applications notes or ready code for common tasks available online?

  1. My first task is to make a serial communication board with this chip. Any suggestions on this subject?

Thank you very much,



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Hi George.

I have not used the Atmel 8051-core processors myself, but it appears from the datasheet that a programmer (at least) will be required.

I highly recommend SDCC (Small Device C Compiler). It is a respectable open source C compiler (assembler and debugger are also included). It runs on Linux, as well as that other OS from Microsoft.


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for app notes.

"C and the 8051" by Thomas Schultz has a lot on serial programming.


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Jeff Shirley

Thanks, Jeff, this is very helpful.

Jeff Shirley wrote:

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