zebra one manipulator arm?


I recently inherited a "zebra one" manipulator arm. It appears to be in good shape, but has no documentation. Google hasn't helped much yet in my search for info. Does anyone out there have any documentation or information on how to get this running?

I have the arm with the attached base (containing some transistors, a few capacitors, and not much else), but nothing else (no power supply, no controller board of any kind, no computer interface, etc.).

I am not even sure what kind of power supply this would need. And I assume I am going to have to build my own controller board, since I am doing this on the cheap.

Any help much appreciated -- this will eventually be for a science/technology education exhibit, Regards, Kevin

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Kevin et al,

If memory serves, the Zebra one was designed by Jeff (Jeffrey) Kerr, over ten years ago. The last contact I had with him was in regard to his motion control products: the PIC-STEP and PIC-SERVO. (See

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BTW I googled: Zebra Kerr Robot OR Manipulator to find the above -- Have you tried different google combinations and/or following the first-level links to what they link to?

I haven't heard that Jeff's done anything with the Zebra in quite a while (of course, I haven't been looking either), and he may have sold off he rights/tech info to it all. However, you might (_politely_) inquire via the URL above and see if he can provide or point you to any Zebra info.


Larry Pfeffer

PS If you do get > Hi,

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