Repairing Hobart Champ 2060 control board

My machinist friend asked me if I can repair this board for him. I am
capable of testing, sourcing and replacing individual parts but I am working
blind. All I have is a dead control board containing bunch of LF347 op amps,
their accompanying discrete components, some driver transistors and one IXYS
power transistor which I was told that is what usually blows. I tested this
transistor independently by driving it with a signal generator and it the
scope tells me that it is ok. I do not have the schematic and the entire
board is covered in thick layer of conformal coating which makes it very
difficult to determine the fault. Does anyone know what normally goes bad
with these boards?
Machine - Hobart Champ 2060
Board #198203
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Boris Mohar
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Sounds like that you need to put a very sharp needle point on your leads.
I would rather test that transistor with base/emitter/collector measurements as gains or losses can fool you even though you know what level that you are inputting to the transistor.
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