Zilog with the Sharpd GP2D15 sensor.

Hi, I am using a Zilog Z8F6403 Evaluation board for programming. I am using a GP2D15 sensor with it for proximity sensing. I am taking the output
of the sensor on port D pin 2. But, whenever I configure my port it gives me a 3.3 V output even if I have configued that port as input. I am generating an interrupt each time I get a high from the IR sensor. The IR sensor works fine but, the port pin remains high by default and hence the program does not work. How do i set the port pin as low so that I can wait for a HI from the sensor.
The settings for the port and interrupt are: /********************************************************************/ void init_p2ad() {
SET_VECTOR(P2AD, isr_p2ad);
PDADDR=0x00; PDCTL=0x00;
PDADDR =0x01; PDCTL |= 0x04;
IRQ1ENL &= 0xFB; // Assigning nominal priority. IRQ1ENH |= 0x04; //
IRQES &=0x04; // Rising edge IRQPS=0x04; // printf("\n interrupt initialisation"); } #pragma interrupt void isr_p2ad() { //count++; Flag = 1; // flag that we received an interrupt } /*************************************************************************/
Thank you for any information.
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