A Sunday Rocket Lunch in Sunny San Diego.

Today, I spent the morning launching a rocket at Fiesta Island. I sent the Estes Skywriter=99 and my two parachute recovery system flying 4 times. (Please see:

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) I learned two secrets.

1) At least two things are needed to successfully deploy two small 9" parachutes from the one-inch diameter paper tube that forms the body of Estes' flying pencil model rocket kit.

A) Crocheting the recovery harness and parachute cord prevents a tangled mess. This idea is courtesy of Mr. Tim Van Milligan, AKA "Mr. Rocket." (Please see:

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A 1/4-inch diameter crochet hook is now a permanent item in my rocket tool box.

B) Reducing the number of folds in the parachutes when you pack them in the rocket lets them open quickly, before a tangle has time to grow.

2) Most importantly, I learned that a sunny morning launching model rockets at San Diego's beautiful Mission Bay is a great way to pull yourself out of a rut.

The next DART Club launch at Fiesta Island is on Saturday, March 27. I wonder, "I can put 4 or more parachutes into a Skywriter?" (Please see:

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-.-. --.- Roger Coppock

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