Altimeters for rockets ???

I am looking for the following items for rocketry experiments. Please advise.

Altimeters for rocketry ??? Data loggers for rocketery ??? RF Beacons ??

The goal is to create an on-board model rocket system of data logging (or transmission) barometric pressure sensors for altitude translation.

10 samples / second minimum at 12-bit accuracy over 15 seconds would be suitable for the application.
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It's allways polite to introduce yourself if your new to a newsgroup, especially RMR as it's got so many trolls one would think it was sited under a bloody big bridge!!

There's only two worth looking at in my opinion


and if your budget dosn't quite reach to those Perfectflites MiniALT/WD is very good.

See above, these top to a true flight computers with expansion boards and digital/analogue inputs for you own experiments

The Perfectflite logs altitude/time so you could calculate velocity etc

If you've got any electronic experience aparently they're quite easy to build using the radiometrix modules and there's loads of websites with instructions.

But to buy

Rocket Hunter are meant to be very good The RDAS has a telemetry and gps module Paul Shackleton does a very cheap one in the UK which i know he posts to the US at a reasonable rate

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hope this helps


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Damian Burrin

Thank you. I'm Geoff in the USA. My interest is in a data-logging altimiter for student use. Damian's suggestions are fine for the intended purpose, though I expect to make one from scratch too for higher resolution and additional analog channels.

I'm quite pleased that the list is visited by knowledgeable people, and look forward to posting inquiries and results in the future.

regards, G

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The RDAS previously mentioned has a few extra analog channels for external inputs. I believe it samples 10 bits per channel with up to 200 samples/sec. on each channel.

-dave w

Damian's suggestions are

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David Weinshenker

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