Apollo Comand Module in a 4" BT, ever done?

Hi All,
Those old timer will remember the Centuri Little Joe 2 that had a
really impressive look to it, certainly Estes could not do such a kit
today. But I wondered has anyone done a 4" dia resiin cast of the
command module and are they available? Would save me weeks of making a
master and casting my own. Thanks
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Terry Kosel (sp?) put out a limited production 4" Little Joe II kit a handful of years ago. It has the corrugated skin roll ons, vacuformed fin fairing and resin cast details. It is a beautiful rocket.
The command module was not resin cast, that would be pretty heavy. It was built up, light weight and gorgeous.
The kits sold quickly but I have seen a few pop up sale.
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David Bacque
Terry Koziel (sp?) did an LJII kit several years ago that IIRC included a bunch of resin cast parts. Has any one heard from Terry lately or know how to reach him?
BTW, Dave, both you and Terry are former NIRA members, although I think Terry was only around during your long hiatus.
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Bob Kaplow
That is about 1/38 scale, right?
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has 1/32 as the closest. Andy would probably sell you just the nose from his 1/38
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kit but that probably won't do you much good.
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is 1/70 but maybe they'd be interested in a 1/38 version is we all begged... 8) Best wishes, Will
RocketEng> Hi All,
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Will Marchant
You're right Bob. Lots of great resin cast parts!
When I was building the LJ, I spoke with Terry about getting a second kit but he said they were all gone and there would be no second production run.
I just pulled out the box and instructions from my Terry Kosel Little Joe II. Based on the postage date, the kit was made in late 2000. There is no e-mail address or phone number but I do have a return address that I will share privately.
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David Bacque
Roachwerks did a limited edition LJII kit a couple of years ago that was BT-101 based, but it wasn't a cast CM. The tip of it was balsa and the base was a card shroud. If being cast isn;t essential for you, then Roachwerks also do custom turning. They might be able to make you a completely turned CM if you asked them.
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Darren J Longhorn
It's "Kosel" and yes, great kits.
I still have two of them, unbuilt.
One of these days..............
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