AT / Dr. Rocket Casing weights

Anybody have a master listing of the assembled motor casing/closures,etc
without the reload grain ? Or know where I can find such info?
I am especially interested in the 29/180, 29/240 motor casing assemblies.
thanks in advance
shockie B)
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Without a reload:
29/180 weighs 3 1/8 ounce (88 grams)
29/240 weighs 3 5/8 ounce (102 grams)
Eric F. Virginia Beach VA
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Eric F.
shockie, my Dr Rocket 29/180 weighs 56 grams, the 29/240 weighs 69 grams. forward closure is 19 grams, aft closure is 13 grams, that stupid little aluminum washer is 4 grams.
shockwaveriderz wrote:
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Cliff Sojourner
The hardware specs in the Aerotech catalog give the following weights (hardware w/o reload kit):
29/180 84.7 g 29/240 105.3 g
-dave w
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David Weinshenker

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