AT Fin Replacement?

OK, better post some content here, or I'll get in trouble with the
rec.models.rockets cabal...
Flew my battle worn AT Strongarm on an F52-5 today. As a payload a
parachute bearing plastic Donald Duck was ejected at apogee, but
nothing else. I suspect that Don was crushed down on top of the
Strongarm's chute due to the massive G forces of that terrifying Blue
Thunder propellant thereby preventing the chute from deploying...
Donald was never recovered. He was spotted headed for the next county
after catching a thermal... Strongarm came down hard... again... and
cracked a fin hard enough this time to actually pull it loose from the
Fin Lok(R) retention system, and also cracked a previously repaired
fracture on the same fin from many flights ago.
This fin is shot.
I'm thinking of just cutting off all four fins (they've all been
equally cracked, and repaired), routing out the slot (hopefully
enough), and replacing them with TTWTTMM model aircraft plywood
Lot's 'o work.
What's the groups accepted method of refurbishing a badly beaten set
of AT fins?
Thankee all!
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Nah, he's just meeting up with Daffy and they've headed south for the winter. Probably heard the lights are back on in Miami.
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Nope, he was Headed East
Save my life I'm goin' down for the last time...
Dunno what it is with these small plastic cartoon characters attached to parachutes, and me... I just can't seem to get them back.
Po the Teletubbie tho' (s)he's a different story. Can't lose the thing if I tried...
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