Bean Boy sucks

Bean Boy you are a dick.

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Bill Diggins
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Dancing on a grave.

Of a beloved President!!

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Jerry Irvine

Probably thought he was being funny. Wonder if he will feel the same way should a loved one be stricken with Alzheimer's.


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Al Gloer

I agree. He pulled a whopper with that one.

Tom S.

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Tom Shepard

Kinda like dancing on the grave of a fellow rocketeer from Texas, eh?


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Kevin Trojanowski

Nope. He was just rude.

I do not object to people posting factual accounts of Reagan's acts that seem negative in tone. That is what I posted about the person in question.

I do have a problem celebrating a death of someone along the lines of good riddance, ding dong the witch is dead.


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Jerry Irvine

Who does he think he is? Jerry?"

- Rick "Never mind" Dickinson

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Rick Dickinson

Would he have had a beer at a high powered launch?

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