Black Powder Staging circa 1650

Interesting drawing of a three stage BP rocket............
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Kazimierz Siemienowicz
Polish nobleman (coat-of-arms "Ostoja") from a family settled in Grand
Duchy of Lithuania, military engineer and artillery specialist under
Kings Wladyslaw IV and Jan II Kazimierz of Poland. Educated in part
in the Netherlands, where he was sent by the King Wladyslaw IV to
serve in the army of Duke Frederick-Henry of Oran during the war with
Spain. From 1648 he served as Second in Command of Polish Royal
Artillery, as an expert in the field of artillery and rocketry.
Author of _Artis Magnae Artilleriae pars prima_......
Available here from Brown University:
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Revolution does not really come from the end of a rifle but from the
pages of a book . . .
Ring of Fire pre-order:
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you will see your humble correspondent listed..........
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I see that staging is accomplished by by the conical thrust core, which is designed to keep pressure on the lower side until close to burn-out, at which point burn through occurs and lights the next stage, which then thrusts itself out of the BT of the previous stage... since the transition occurs while under thrust conditions, flight path should not deviate too much... but you'd really have to load the nose for balance to the final stage and the finless design...
~Duane Phillips.
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