CA in motor tube to stiffen the edge

Is it possible to soak the motor tube edge to stiffen it or to more affectively stop it from unraveling? Or would the heat from the motor burn do something to the CA and bond the case to the tube when it cools?


John Hornsby

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I have done it a few times with no bad side effects. It may raise and harden some paper "fuzz" that will need sanding after the CA hardens. It is best to do this when first building the rocket, before any damage occurs.

-- Eric Benner TRA # 8975 L2 NAR # 79398

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Eric Benner

CA or epoxy or shellac or sanding sealer works.

Shape/sand/deburr it first.

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Jerry Irvine

I have used CA for many years to strengthen the MM. But rather than doing the whole tube, I only soak the first half inch and then sand with 400 grit and test fit a motor. The first half inch gets the most abuse from loading motors.

Karl Perry QUARK, Cincinnati, OH

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Using CA this way is a good approach, and has been used on many,many birds...

I'll use CA to seal the ends of MMT's up to 98mm...

Also, I've used CA on the entire inside of the BT for modrocks.

On smaller projects, some sanding may be required.

I use "thin CA" from the local hobby store (Dave Smith's?)

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AZ Woody

Absolutely! I've been doing this for years and highly recommend it! I also use a dowel or stripwood to smear some around the inside of the tube as much as possible, especially if the motor tube is longer than the motors that will be used. Helps protect the cardboard from heat damage due to the ejection charge.

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I forgot to mention another benefit of soaking the interior of the motor tube with CA -- it makes it easy to sand out any ejection charge crud that builds up. You can also sand the tube out a bit to fit motors that are overly tight.

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