engine substitutions and cheapo parachutes

I'm getting back into rocketry after 30 years, and am starting slowly. I
bought some Estes D and E rockets and found to my surprise that they still
have those plastic parachutes and rubber-band shick cords.
a. Are these sufficient?
b. Should I be looking for nylon replacements (if so - where)?
Then again, D's and E's may not really get them to any significant altitude,
so the parachutes may not be that big a deal. So I was also wondering if
there are single-use 29mm F's that have more bang for the same weight. How
about G's?
Dr. Zaius
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Dr. Zaius
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any APCP motor will have "more bang for the same weight" then any BP motor
I recommend the CTI Pro38 133G69-12A
128.8 N-Sec total impulse (81% G) 89.5 N max thrust 1.93 sec burn time 66.74 N avg thrust 2.97 lbs max liftoff weight (using 5:1 rule)
125 mm (~ 5 inches) case length
- iz
Dr. Zaius wrote:
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
Plastic parachutes work fine for D and E. Nylon 'chutes are great but add many times the weight.
I have two rockets that I fly on F's and both have Estes' plastic 'chutes. No problems yet.
I do make two changes to all of my Estes' 'chutes. First, if the 'chute comes assembled, I throw away the cotton thread that is on it and use carpet thread. Second, I use plastic holes reinforcers (from Office Max or Office Depot) on the back side to double up where the shroud lines attach.
I cannot remember the last time I had shroud line pull out. And carpet thread is really hard to break.
I hope this helps. Good luck and welcome back.
Karl Perry QUARK, Cincinnati, OH
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