Estes new releases???

Has anyone seen the 2 Estes September releases in stores or shipping online
yet? I don't remember their names, but one looked like a "souped up" mars
lander, and the other looked like it had parts to clone an Interceptor.
Just curious if they're available yet.
Tim Reidy
San Antonio Rocket Society
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Tim Reidy
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I saw display models this weekend at the Hobby Visions show in Las Vegas.
Estes, Quest and LOC were there.
I did not ask specifics on shipping dates of those two kits, but the others on display were still in development with sometime in early 2004 as the target date. The two you described are serioulsy cool. The hovering puck is really quite good as well and can turn your patio into a life sized air hockey arena. You old farts should take care to not break a hip.
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Fred Shecter
rumor on TRF
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says that it won't be around for another month or two.
Fred Shecter wrote:
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Richard Hubbard
I'm glad the guy in the chair remembered the parachute this time. ; )
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