FS- DI-194RS Data Logger Starter Kit

For a interface to load cells and pressure transducers

Product Highlights The DI-194RS is a four-channel data acquisition module designed to familiarize you with WinDaq software. It provides 10-bit measurement accuracy, a ±10V analog measurement range, up to 240 samples/second throughput, and four analog input channels. It features a serial port interface, making installation a snap. It also features two digital inputs that can be used for remote start/stop and remote event marker control withWinDaq/Lite software.

Our DI-194RS starter kit provides a taste of the exceptional power and speed possible with WinDaq software. A free CD demonstrates WinDaq Waveform Browser, our playback and analysis software (just call and ask), but to get a hands-on illustration of the data recording and display capabilities of WinDaq/Lite, you need the DI-194RS starter kit. When connected to your PCs serial port, the DI-194RS starter kit allows you to record, display, and analyze data using your own signals. The DI-194RS starter kit consists of a portable, four-channel, 11/4 x 41/4 inch A/D module that can be directly connected to the serial port of any PC. The module features four, single-ended, bipolar analog inputs (maximum measurement range ±10 volts) and two digital input ports for remote stop/start or remote event marker control. It also features an onboard waveform generator that can be used as a quick, convenient input signal. The kit ships with WinDaq/Lite recording software and WinDaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software. Data acquisition rates up to 240 samples per second are supported for Windows 95,

98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP.

Self-Powered Advantage The DI-194RS derives its power directly from the RS-232 serial port to which it is connected ó no batteries to replace or external power supplies to connect.

WINDAQ Software Included The DI-194RS starter kit includes WINDAQ/Lite recording software and WINDAQ Waveform Browser playback and analysis software. Brand new from Dataq is $25 I am asking $18.

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