Hello, Krylon, Wal-Mart, and Math

Hello all,
I'm a recent BAR after ~17 years of not giving rockets a second
thought. I got back into Estes A-D and am enjoying it "again for the
first time".
First of all, a big thank-you to those here who have contributed tips,
tricks, hints, and suggestings for gluing, filling, sanding, painting,
etc. I have spent *many* hours reading posts on rmr and have
benefitted greatly from the community wisdom.
I used Krylon for my first round of kits and am pleased with the
results, but of course am looking to improve. Based on previous
threads I have decided to put on additional coats of primer- I was
only using two, which can yield a "nice" but not "show off" finish.
But I'm also trying not to break the bank, so I was tempted by the 94
cent ColorPlace brand at Wal-Mart. Then I noticed that the coverage
area advertised for the 10 oz. ColorPlace was 10 sq. ft. and the
coverage area for a $2.37 can of Krylon 12 oz. was 25 sq. ft., making
the per-sq-ft price almost equal.
Yeah, I know this isn't an earth shattering revelation, but if the
coverage area is accurate what possible motivation is there for the
house brand? I've used both and Krylon is better.
One last thing- does there exist (or is there interest in) a website
where beginners could post, for example, a macro picture of a nosecone
with an imperfect finish, and then get commentary from the veterens as
to possible causes and solutions.
In concluion, happy flying!
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Rodel Mocket
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The average American cannot do math and does not look at the value of a product as you did. They look at the lowest retail price. I said "average". I did not say "every".
Large files can be loaded onto the Yahoogroup called A.B.M.R. or they can be posted as messages (attachments) in the newsgroup a.b.m.r.
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-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter
I would be hesitant to use Colorbase brand, or any other generic brand. But it doesn't mean it would work okay, even though it cover less area. Do a test on a small rocket.
I have used Krylon on all my rockets so far. I have had good luck with it. I considered cheaper paints, but I stayed with Krylon, since my past experience with it has been good. And like you pointed out, not much of a savings
Now I will be moving into auto paint, so I can use all this painting equipment I have just laying around in my garage. The economics of larger rockets make it more favorable for me.
KMJK= (WAY) above average in math, according to Fred Shecter :-) Just...couldn't.....RESIST!!
"Krylon, Wal-Mart, and MATH, oh MY!"
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Karl Martin Joseph Kowert
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shockie B)
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can ad pics to your post, no need for seperate groups. And your threads will stay on topic too!!
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Welcome to rmr!
I've tried most of the brands and always come back to Krylon. It's not that much more, considering all the work that goes into a decent rocket.
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Doug, Yes, but you have to be logged in. Once logged in, there is a link across the top of the category listings that says "view new posts". It will show all new posts since your last visit. David Logan
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Most people including me do not have usenet access to abmr.
Ya I know yahoo, but might as well email me the photo and have it on a website and URL that never expires.
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Jerry Irvine
You can get a connection to abmr through teranews.
There's a one-time $3.95 setup charge but otherwise free.
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Ad Astra! Bill Sullivan
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The Rocket Scientist

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