KRYLON Fusion paint and acrylics

Anyone ever use Krylon Fusion plastic paint to paint plexiglass?
If so how does it hold up.......or is there any other recomendations
out there. I need to paint a clear acrylic plexiglass fish tank hood
that I just custom made for one of my saltwater tanks. I culd not
afford black plexiglass but had a heap of clear and
smoked........Around here they will not cut a full sheet of colored
pl;exi and its sold in full sheets only...$148.90 a sheet........
Previously I have covered the cler plexiglass in vynil contact
material like they use to make those stick on decals etc, but this one
is kind of complicated with lots of curves and ins and outs, and
covering it wrinkle free would be a real pain in the backside.
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Can't give you any insight into the Krylon, but I can share with you about painting plexiglass.
Do it very slowly. Light coats. Let dry. Repeat. It runs really easy.
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I tried the fusion paint on polycarbonate and was not impressed. It dries quickly but the fine print says that it takes about a week to reach full adhesion on plastic surfaces. Until then it is very easy to scuff with only normal handling. Even after the full cure cycle, it is still a relatively soft coating and can't stand up to any kind of abrasion.
Environmental rules have taken much of the quality and durability out of paints available at retail. Rustoleum used to sell a really good moisture-cure polyurethane spray product but it was pulled. You might try an auto body shop and see if they will sell you one of the commercial epoxy or polyurethane products.
~Roy wrote:
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Tim Killian
I've used regular Krylon paint with success on acrylic-haven't tried the Fusion version though. Gene
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Gene T
I never had much luck with stuff staying on polycarbonate (Lexan) either, but the material I made the hood from is plexiglass.......which is a bit more capable of being dissolved by lesser strength solvents........ I know from past experieince, lac thinner will soften it, so maybe I may try some lac spray paint as a base coat, and follow up with the enamel........I sure do not need something thats going to take a week for a cure......I need it yesterday ;-) Guess its time to go experiment on some scraps and see what may or may not work........I sent email to Krylon inquiring on Fusion on Plexiglass, but if they hold true to the way most companies are it could take a week ot two if at all till I hear from them.
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