How safe can you be?

How safe can you be?
United states Treasuries are currently paying 1, 2, 3, 4% based on term.
They are considered perfectly safe due to guarantee of payment, low
currency risk, and low inflation risk. Hence 1%.
California Bonds are subsatantially riskier. They are paying upwards of
5% and more.
Commercial bonds even higher.
Junk bonds higher still.
B/C paper mortgages higher yet nearing the legal limits.
The reason a treasury note only pays 1% a YEAR is the certainty of
repayment is near perfect. The time of payment is very near and the
risk is near nill.
Model rocketry has a safety expectation of near perfect, and a hazard
approaching nill, especially as compared to virtually any other HUMAN
Mark Bundick probably apperciated the analogy used in this post and Trip
Barber can think of ways to present this data in a report with
statistical significance, possibly using governmentally collected data.
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