Hybrid construction question

I'm scratch-building my L1 certification rocket, to be launched on a
SkyRipper H155. In reading up on hybrid motors in general, it seems that
boil-off from the motor tank is a problem that affects both fill time and
(potentially) performance.
Is there any benefit to adding insulation to the tank area during
construction? Adding a layer of Ensolite (outside the motor mount) would be
easy, and add little weight... but is there any point in doing so? More
significantly, is there some reason this would be a bad idea?
TIA for any thoughts.
Kevin OClassen
NAR 13578
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Kevin OClassen
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I don't think insulation helps that much. Up to launch you are venting N2O through the vent tube because that is the path of least resistance. Once the motor has started and the fill tube burns through the path of least resistance is through the orifice to the combustion chamber.
Good practice is to keep your flight tank (motor tank) cold before you put it in your rocket (on a hot day I'll store mine in an ice chest). And keep your N2O supply between 70 and 80 degrees. Make sure you have a full fill (thick cloud of N2O vapor, not just a mist) before you launch and minimize the delay between filling and launching. I usually hold the "fill" button until the countdown starts.
Kev> I'm scratch-building my L1 certification rocket, to be launched on
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