Mars Amateur Repeater

Yeah, this isn't a ham radio forum, but there's enough hams here, I
figured it was worth a try:
Anyone remember a proposal to put an amateur repeater on Mars and fund
it by selling the chance to link with the repeater and get a "WAM"
certificate (Worked All Mars)?
Thanks, and Merry Christmas.
PS: Guess who got a Boostervision Cam kit for Christmas? Well, at
least it's on order.
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Zooty, here is the website that promotes Amateur radio in space, i.e. probes or satelites. They currenly have a campain to raise funds for a echo sat, oscar-E. It's being built in Toronto.
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Link please?
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John Stein
John, Zooty, I know of this one:
formatting link

Al Must have missed the link.
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DOH! Since I'm a ham, I should have remembered it's .org and not .com. Sheesh. I need more nog!
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John Stein

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