A Christmas Note

It is the Christmas Season Here in North Florida, Railroading, and Amateur Radio come together, for fun. Time for the Santa Train. Florida West Central Railroad has run a special passenger train for fun every Christmas Season for at least the last four years. Florida West Central (The Swannee Line) runs a special tourist train with a couple of old '20's Wabash couches and an old Caboose(home to Santa) Anyway, the local ham community also gets involved, we have hams walking the coach, taking holiday greeting messages from the passengers and sending them to loved ones they can not be with, free of charge. As a Ham(and a railroad fan), I worked the Santa Train last saturday(bought a Florida West Central hat). Got lots of pix. I will be working it this Sunday too. Hope to get more pix. Got to actually ride in one of the loky's (a GP-9). Later the pix will be available for download. Passed lots of messages too. For the Christmas Season, for the Ones we wish we could be with. For love, and caring, the joy of so many things. Your pardon if I transgress. Paul

J> The wheels of a few of my engines seem like they need to be cleaned. What

is the best way to do this? I remember helping my dad years ago and we used > to hook up wires to the track and I would hold the wires to the wheels and > he would clean with a pad and cleaner. Is there an easier way?? > > Thanks
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