Phenolic Nozzles and Tubes

I understand one can make good nozzles from quartz sand and phenolic resin. It is also possible to phenolize paper. I would think the latter

would make good and strong rocket casings. (Especially good would be woven carbon in a phenolic matrix (lightweight and doesn't melt at high temperatures.))

Does anyone know how to cast / work with phenolic resins in a hobby setting? Which chemicals should be procured from where?

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Chris, I was looking through your site trying to find out if a video exists of George Gassaway's incredible 5-stage Sunseeker flight, the one mentioned in the current Sport Rocketry.

There's a link on the last page of Friday's images, but it appears to be broken.

Any chance you can put this back online, or post to alt.binaries.models.rockets?

(Or, would you consider selling DVD's of your NARAM footage?)

p.s. I'm sure you've heard it before, but WOW! Incredible photography!


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