Programming Stine's calculations/programs

I'm looking for a programming project and thought I'd code up the
calculations, STABCAL-2, etc. found in Harry Stine's book on the Windows
platform and possibly the Pocket PC platform so it can go mobile (sorry Mac
and Unix guys, I'm a Windows guy)
As part of any development process I solicit the ideas of users. If you have
any input as to what you'd like please let me know.
Would anyone be interested in something like this? Obviously it would be
free since it's Mr. Stine's work I'm coding up.
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Deep Phee
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Sure, go ahead. It's like a Jedi builing his own light saber. Everone does it, or something similar. Although a true Jedi Rocketeer would probably build his own computer first. ;)
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Alan Jones
Been there, done that. Back when virtually ALL personal computers were home built. 2 weeks with a soldering iron before the Heathkit was ready to fire up.
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Bob Kaplow

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