Supplemental: Descon Rules Updated-Closed

Okay, due to multiple inputs and confusion the Descon12 rules have
been adjusted and closed (finalized).
It seems to me the biggest issue was over using all MicroMaxx motors,
because if ones submitted a MPR or HPR version they would loose .15
mission points for not using only MicroMaxx and .40 mission points for
not complying to the four areas.
Therefore, to reduce the impact and maintain the original intent, we
have made the following mission point changes (actually my original
0.2 Mission Points for using all MicroMaxx Motors*
0.2 Mission Points for using Multiple Motors (Cluster)
0.2 Mission Points for modeling a "Comedy Sci-Fi Ship"
0.2 Mission Points for "kitbashing" a FlisKits Grissom*
0.2 Bonus Mission Points for using utilizing all (4) above.
I have also extended the amount of 7mm (and MPR/HPR equiv's) to this
* Use may add as much of 7mm tubing to the Grissom Kit as needed -
ONLY for MicroMaxx Motor mounts!
Okay, let's GOWI!
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