Things of Science: Gemini III model

After emptying some of my father's old boxes I found a
model rocket kit in it's original packaging. It is the
Gemini III Model (Unit No. 295) from "Things of Science"
and it is dated 1965. It was distributed for free by
Science Service, the Institution for the Popularization
of Science.
Is this type of rocket kit collected by anybody?
Ferrell Wheeler
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Ferrell S. Wheeler
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Yes it is valuable. Keep it safe and post it as an auction item on
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or just sell it to a deserving and worthwhile person like Peter Alway. He publishes books on scale models and even if HE auctioned it and kept the money. he wouold probably use the money to travel to collect yet more scale data of general benefit of rocketeers for decades to come.
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Jerry Irvine
... It was distributed for free by
Hey! looks like an organization we could user right now
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tater schuld
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great weekly magazine and yes they still run the science fairs. every year the winners sound more like PhD projects but these kids are still in high school!! wowie!
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Cliff Sojourner

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