Tube Launched 500 MPU Screamers!!!!!

Anyone got the 411 on any tube launched 500 mph screaming rockets?

I am referring to a rocket that is kept in and fired from a reusable tube container. Something that could be buried in the ground to mimic the launch of ICBM missilies from silos. Any size rocket short of being too big to haul in a pickup. Prefer man portable.


DISCLAIMER: This post is to solicit replies for hobby products only to be used as a model to demonstrate the launch of US ICBMs from underground silos.

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Great...this is just what the gov is looking for. Thanks

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YWillshire (NiceGuyTJ) wrote in news:

Does it have to scream, or can it whistle? Whistling moon travelers and a 4' length of 2" PVC pipe was always fun when I was younger :D Sort of off topic for rmr, sorry.

This sounds more like an easy access weapon than a hobby rocket.

If you bury it in the ground, it's not going to be man portable. Sounds like alot of work too...

No problem.

If you build it they will come.

Oh, I found some info for your payload section:

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Thanks to those who replied.

The idea is to use a field somewhere in no man's land, USA, and bury several of these beauties in the ground with a remote operated covering exactly like the missile silos in America except in miniature.

Then I would video tape the launch of one after the other of the mini ICBMs as they took off from their underground silos.

Much easier to ready the entire rocket in a tube, then bury the tube face up than to have to dig a bigger hole and place a conventional free standing launcher in the hole. Much smaller hole, too, easily dug with a post hole digger.

As for the feds, they only spook those who spook. If you're not breaking the law, then you're not breaking the law. They got better things to do than spend much if any time with a legally licensed law abiding model rocket enthusiest.

Thanks again.

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NiceGuyTJ (NiceGuyTJ) wrote in news:

Ok, well that makes a little more sense than the question you posted before :) Thank you for restating it.

If the whole idea is for film, if you want the launch to look like an actual ICBM launch you need to copy how the missile is ejected from the silo, or in your case launch tube. There were three series of minuteman missiles deployed in the US, all with three stages of solid propellant. The first full-silo Minuteman I launch from Cape Canaveral occurred in 1961. The missile blew up in the silo, creating one of the most memorable and spectacular failures in the history of the Cape. Referenced from:

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From my comprehension of the text that I have read, this failure was because the rocket was launched with the main engine producing full thrust, close to 300,000 lbs of thrust. Latter first stage engines were developed with a baffle system that could be closed to increase chamber pressure and thus let the rocket "float" out of the silo and than increase it's thrust there after.

Here is a good picture of a minuteman being launched and achieving full thrust.

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As far as copying this launch strategy with a model, I think could be achieved by using multi-staging with first low impulse short burn engines, and then high impulse engines. Your silo could be made simply by burying a length of PVC that is close to the width of the rockets fins. The tube will provide initial launch stability as long as the tube is long enough. You will probably need at least 6 feet of tubing to provide enough stability. If you really plan a burying it, get digging. This is deeper than any post-hole digger can dig that I have seen.

You will notice that minuteman missiles DO NOT HAVE ANY FINS! If this is the rocket that you are trying to emulate, you will have some serious stability issues. The real life minuteman missile used gimbaled exhaust nozzles to provide stability.

My first suggestion for you is not actually bury your launch tube. This seems impractical, and highly unnecessary. If you in fact are trying to emulate for film, some simple trick photography can make it appear as if it came from underground.

Sorry for my first reply, your post in some way didn't seem serious.

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BrundlFly wrote in news:Xns9443A694EDC72theflysomecom@

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This picture probably represents the shift in thrust with a silo launch a little better.

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If the whole idea is for film, if you want the launch to look like an actual ICBM launch you need to copy how the missile is ejected from the silo, or in your case launch tube.

Nonsense. You need to have the launch look like some significant number of people expect an ICMB launch THINK such a launch MIGHT look, taking into account prior (film) art more than actual ICBM launches. Sheesh. Next you'll want explosions to look realistic on film as well!

Without a (very) high speed camera, I think you'd have a very difficult time getting any model rocket launch (buried or not) to look like the launch of much larger ICBM-style missile.

(hey, there's video there too...

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Bill Westfield

Bill Westfield wrote in news:

True, I can think of any number of alternatives also. I even know how one could pyrotechnically make that huge smoke ring :) But again, pyrotechnics would also require high speed filming.

It might be cheaper to go buy a copy of Lightwave or Maya and start modeling to do it all digitally, buy that would take all the fun out of it :P Hypervoxles here we come!

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