What Ever Happened to Fill 'n' Finish?

So I went to buy Elmer's Fill 'n' Finish, aka 'Carpenter's Finishing Wood Filler' and couldn't find it at two different Home Improvement type stores. Has the name of the product changed again? I want to make sure that I don't buy the somewhat similar heavy duty stuff that's too hard to sand. TIA.


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Elmer's still lists Fill 'N Finish -- Light -- on their website with product numbers E834, E835 and E836 depending on the size container. The graphic on the tub says "Wood Filler".

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Bruce Sexton

Try Wallyworld. They always have it.

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J.A. Michel

Hmmm...where to start...first it was called Fill'n'Finish, then it was called Finishing Wood Filler, then it reverted back to FNF, and now it has yet another name. Carpenter's FWF sounds right.

As best I can tell, Home Depot has stopped carrying it. I had no luck at WalMart, either. Lowe's still has (had) it. I picked up four 16oz tubs there a while back, but I'm down to one in my unopened stash.

After all that trouble, I contacted Elmers. I was told they're dropping the 16oz tubs and only doing the smaller (4 and 8oz) tubs. While I prefer the 16's, I can live with the 8's, as long as I don't have to hit umpteen stores to find one.

Anyway, take Bruce's lead about the product numbers. No matter what the name, the numbers have stayed the same. (E834, E835 and E836 )



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Doug Sams

Fill'n'Finish in the 16oz tub was product number E-836.

The new name for the same product is Elmer's Superior Staining Wood Filler Light.

Look for the product number right next to the numbers at the bottom of the UPC symbol.

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Thanks Everyone for all the info. I'll make another swing through Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and Tru Value looking by product number. I guess if I find it I'd better buy a boatlaod while I'm at it.

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How about UPC code numbers from the tubs? Those tend to stay constant even when companies change packaging, and are also consistent from store to store.

The two 4oz containers I have lying around are different labels, but both have code 26000 00837. Hmmm, the last 3 digits look like they might be part of the above sequence.

Alas, I also have several tubs of the WRONG STUFF :-(

Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L >>> To reply, there's no internet on Mars (yet)!

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Bob Kaplow

Bob, everybody knows that rocketry requires "The Right Stuff"...

David Erbas-White

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David Erbas-White

Sometimes I hate marketing guys....why the heck do they keep changing the name of the stuff? Its a shame you have to learn to read UPC to buy a product.


whew, that felt better...

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David Stribling

Let's not forget Hobbypoxy Stuff.

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Alan Jones

I would not even rely on that. Packaging changes (size, shape, color scheme, etc.) *often* results in a UPC change as well. And other factors influence this. For example, if Dr. Pepper is handled by Coca Cola in your area, it will have a different UPC# than the Dr. Pepper that is handled by Seven-Up in another area.

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Greg Heilers

For 6 grand each, why not?

Now THAT's good marketing!

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Jerry Irvine

Another product useful for filling anything low-temp is DAP Fast & Final. Almost the same stuff, I suspect.

Kevin OClassen

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Kevin OClassen

UPS codes? Shouldn't this be an ROL newsflash. 8-)

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Phil Stein

I emailed elmers/borden and asked them if "fill n Finish" has been discontinued or changed labels and what would be the direct replacement.. (fwiw-I can still find it at Lowes Home Improvement stores in both sizes)

here's the email reply>

Dear Andy,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Elmer's products.

Elmer's actually has several wood filler products. The Fill 'n Finish products are still being made, however they are not our most popular variety. The best places to find them are Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware and Do It Best Hardware stores. If you can't find them at any of the stores near you, I believe you can purchase them from the website listed below.

( the "do it best site" was listed)

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