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The new Trumpeter SA-2 is a very nice little kit. However, I am
thinking of doing something a bit different. I have attached a picture
that appears to be a full SA-2 launcher mounted on a modified MT-LB
style (extra road wheels) tractor.
Does anyone know anything about this vehicle? I lost the URL for the
picture, but I think it is Chinese in origin.
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James E McCarty
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No, the Chinese adapted the launcher to fit on their copy of the PT-76 amphibious tank -- it's called something like HQ-77 but I would have to look it up. You could do that now as Eastern Express has a decent kit of the PT-76 out now.
Cookie Sewell AMPS
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"Chris Hughes" wrote
Yes, Glencoe most recently re-issued the 1/32 ITC kits (the above plus BTR-50), but with the EE PT-76 out it would be less work to start there. Much less.
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Kurt Laughlin
What you have is a mobile version of the PRC's SA-2 clone known as the HQ-2. I believe this is the J version-everything's mobile, SAM launchers, radar/Fire Control, etc. It can't fire on the move, though.
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Matt Wiser
Kurt's right. The others are so old and overscale that they would not be a good choice. Go with the EE kit of the PT-76 if you can find one.
Cookie Sewell AMPS
PS The current designation appears to be HQ-2B but the chassis is stretched for seven road wheels per side.
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