1/96 Texas--which paint scheme?

I will be getting a 1/96 Texas (1895) from Battleships.com
pretty soon....the question is that I am torn....
Paint it with pre 1898 white and buff, or in warpaint?
pre 1898 the Texas was considered an unlucky ship and
a bit of an embarrassment to some.
During the war it won honors and respect.
The warpaint version won't be as busy as a lot of detail
was put away...and this model is hardly super-detailed.
I am leaning towards warpaint. If I get a 1/96th Maine later I can do
that one in buff and white to further show the contrast in the two
ships designs.
No, I am not going to paint it in both and let it be one
and the same beautiful ship, Mr. Ipkis.
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