just got 1/96 1895 Texas hull

Just got my battleshipmodels.com
formatting link
1895 Texas kit. It is just the right size for dominating the
mantel....(have to build it first, though :-) ). This is fiberglass
hull number 1 (Texas) from Lennie and it looks like a great starting
point, a lot easier than working from scratch, which was not going to
happen with me.
Anyone out there currently working on one of these
battleshipmodels.com ships? Mutal support, etc?
Certainly not a finescale model (not intended to be) but can be
improved with some work I think.
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old hoodoo
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You are going to have to "scratch" everything else I would bet. Where did you find the drawings of this ancient warrior?
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
You could always visit 3rd floor at NARA and look in the BSE and dash plan finding guides for RG19 to start.
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