Re: 1/700 Full Hull Ships Wanted.

voodoo> Hello all! Are there any full hull ships besides Japanese
voodoo> in 1/700 scale? I have a couple of nice Dragon 1/700
voodoo> Bismarck and Tirpitz kits. Most others seem to be
voodoo> waterline.
Dragon markets quite a few 1/700 ships in Waterline from other
manufacturers. An example is the USN Atlanta class CLAAs. Plenty of
modern ships too (e.g., RN Type 42 DDG, Illustrious class
carrier). Hasegawa has some special kits in full hull (Akagi, Kongo
class). Can't think of any more offhand.
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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Revell used to market ships in 1/720th scale. Perhaps they still do. I know it's not strictly 1/700th but for me it would be close enough.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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That will work for me!
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voodoo> >> voodoo wrote:
voodoo> That will work for me!
Pitroad have released Baltimore class heavy cruiser (that'll do for the Graf Spee in a pinch ) as full-hull option, and maybe their brand-new Lexington can also be done full hull, not sure about that...
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Gernot Hassenpflug
Italeri produced a full-hull Graf Spee in 1/720. It's not in their current catalog but it can still be found in some hobby shops. Testors also reboxed some of Italeri's ship kits.
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