Tokyo Hobby Show announcements 2-3 October 004

Yesterday on the 2nd day of our annual club display the news was relayed from the Big Site in Tokyo of some of the releases annoucned by model cmpanies. I do not remember them all, for I am not interested in armour. What I do remember

Hasegawa: 1/48 Ki-61 Hien Ic

This is the first time since Fine Molds that we have the Type I. Excellent announcement.

Tamiya: 1/700 IJN Tachibana class

Matsu class with redesigned straight boy and forecastle, bridge, and stern. Actually, all ships seem to have different modifications mixed and matched, so there is ample opportunity to put Matsu and Tachibana kits together with some scratch-building to make any of the ships in this large class.

1/48 Sherman (and I think Pzkw.III)

After the Tiger 1 then ext releases in this new series

Dragon 1/35 first Tiger type

Not Japanese, but announced here.

There are a few other armour and aircraft announcements, which I missed.

I forgot to mention in my last news article (Reference: ) that Hasegawa is releasing a 1/48 P-40E also this year, although it has been announced previously.

Cheers, Gernot

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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Type I? Hasegawa's Type I was released a while ago although whether it's a hei, otsu, or other derivation has escaped me; I bought another one yesterday at the Erie contest. Let me research that for us.

What would be nice is the Type II with the revised fuselage and canopy. That hasn't been available (in quarter scale) since Tamiya's release in the sixties; lovely retractable gear and also part of their Ki-100 release. Cheers,

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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Okay, here's the scoop:

The Ki-61 Hien had a problematic development. The first, the Ki-61 I ko was equipped with two 12.7 cowl guns and a pair of 7.7 guns in the wings.

The Ki-61 I otsu had four 12.7 guns in the relevant positions.

Endeavoring to utilize the heavier 20mm cannon, the Ki-61 I KAI (for kaizo or modified) had an increased fuselage length by 19cm and two cowl 20mm cannon and two 12.7 wing guns. Also called the Ki-61 I KAI hei this is the variant represented by the Hasegawa kit.

An attempt to mount 30mm cannon in the wings (and reverting to the 12.7 in the fuselage) was labeled the Ki-61 I KAI tei but was produced in small numbers due to unresolvable problems with the wing mounting.

A new H-140 engine required fuselage redesign increasing the length to 30ft with a redesigned wing resulting in the Ki-61 II. Tests proved the wing was not satisfactory. Reverting to the Ki-61 I wing and enlarged enpennage resulting in the Ki-61 II KAI with the ko having 20mm cannon in the fuselage and 12.7 wing guns, the otsu having four 20mm cannon. A modern kit of this aircraft would be appreciated. hth

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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I have added details of various companies' announced releases, taken from the websites of the companies. Note that the Ki-61 Hien and the Tachibana class ships are NOT included here: the websites are not as new as the announcement made at the club display on the 3rd.

Please enjoy:


formatting link

1/32 LOCKHEED MARTIN F-16CJ [BLOCK 50] FIGHTING FALCON (60315) 12400Yen (late Nov release)


2000Yen (late Nov release)


1000Yen (late Nov release)

1/700 U.S. NAVY BATTLESHIP BB-62 NEW JERSEY[1982] (31614)

2600Yen (early Dec release)


12800Yen (mid-Nov release) (for you suckers that can't build anymore but have loads of cash)


5800Yen (Dec release)


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1/48 Mitsubishi F-1 (PT 35) 3000Yen (Dec release) Note: 3 Sqn SqdLdr a/c No. 102 May 1995

1/32 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (ST 24)

4200Yen (Dec release) Note: 47 Sentai "Sakura", 3rd Chutai ldr Hatano Teiichi Taii a/c No.45, Feb. 1945 Tokyo Narmasu airfield

1/48 P-40E Warhawk (JT 86)

2400Yen (Dec release) Note: USAAF 23FG 76FS SqdLdr a/c 104, China, July 1942

1/72 Heinkel He111P-6 (E 22)

3200Yen (Oct release) Note: new cowlings, propellors, belly gun, canopy etc. Decals for KG55 a/c No. E France, autumn 1940

1/48 Harrier GR.7 (PT 36)

2800Yen (Oct release) Note: RAF nose, gunpod, pylon Decals for 20 Sqd. a/c No.26

1/24 K.AN|belwagen Mk. 82 (MV 3)

2500Yen (Dec release)

1/72 Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma (MT 52)

800Yen (Dec release)

1/700 JMSDF Oyodo/Sendai (014)

2200Yen (Nov release) Note: new TV and satellite antenna

Revised Etching parts and additions (1/700):

30030 JMSDF Myoko "superset" 3200Yen (Oct release) 30031 JMSDF Chokai "superset" 3200Yen (Nov release)

Etching sets (1/700):

3S-18 IJN Myoko "detail up parts C" 700Yen (Oct release) 3S-19 IJN Nachi "detail up parts D" 700Yen (Oct release) 3S-20 emergency steering set 700Yen (Dec release) 3S-21 aircraft carrier netting set 700Yen (Dec release)

(Oct releases)

1/200 Boeing 777-300 JAL (11) 1800Yen 1/48 A-4N Skyhawk (09575) 2800Yen 1/48 RGF-4E Phantom II [501 Sqd] (09574) 3200Yen

(Nov releases)

1/48 Mitsubishi XF-2B (09576) 3200Yen 1/48 F-14A FV-111 (09577) 4800Yen 1/48 F-104S Nato 50th Anniversary (09578) 2600Yen 1/48 Bf109F Trautloft (09579) 2400Yen 1/48 F-8E (FN) (09580) 3200Yen 1/48 F-110A Phantom II (09581) 3600Yen (What is this???) 1/48 P-38J 459 FS (09582) 3600Yen 1/72 F/A-18F VFA-154 (00741) 1800Yen 1/72 RF-4C 192 TacReccSqn (00742) 3600Yen 1/72 F/A-18C VFA-82 (00743) 1800Yen 1/72 F-117A (00747) 1800Yen

(Dec release)

1/48 Hs129B-3 9.SturmG (09583) 3200Yen 1/48 Ju87R-2 2.StuKaG (09584) 2600Yen 1/72 F/A-18E VFA-27 (00744) 1800Yen 1/72 F-14B VF-102 (00745) 2600Yen 1/72 AV-8B Harrier II VMA-223 (00746) 1600Yen

Fine Molds

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- advertising a new standard in (their?) model kits -

1/72 Bf109F-2 (FL-1) 2200Yen (late Dec release)

1/72 Bf109F-4 (FL-2)

2200Yen (late Dec release)

(new packaging only):

1/72 Me410 A-1/A-3 (FL-3) 2400Yen (late Nov release release) 1/72 Me410 A-1/B-1 (FL-4) 2400Yen (late Nov release release)


formatting link

1/48 Airwolf (yes, from the TV series!!) (SGM-08) 7880Yen (Dec release)

1/100 Nihon Maru (01)

28000Yen (mid-Dec release)

1/100 Kaiou Maru (01)

27000Yen (mid-Dec release)

1/700 JASDF accessory

600Yen (mid-Oct release) Note: F-15, F-4EJ, F-1, Hawkeye intended for dioramas/collection

1/700 Tirpitz

3000Yen (mid-Oct release) Note: includes Type-Z DD

1/700 Bismarck

3000Yen (mid-Oct release) Note: includes Type-Z DD

1/700 IJN Kuroshio

2000Yen (late-Oct release)

1/700 IJN Isokaze

2000Yen (late-Oct release)

1/70 Mayflower (09)

9800Yen (late-Oct release)


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Good news here is that apart form the resin releases, plastic versions of formerly only resin kits are to be releases. Whoopee!

New Releases at:

formatting link

1/700 IJN Aoba [1941] HM-46 9800Yen (mid-Oct release)

1/700 IJN Kinugasa [1941] (HM-47)

9800Yen (late-Oct release)


1/700 JMSDF Haruna set 1500Yen (late-Oct release)


1/35 JGSDF Type 82 Command/comms vehicle (G02) 4300Yen (no date)

1/35 JGSDF Type 87 Recce. Combat vehicle (G03)

4300Yen (no date)

1/72 JGSDF Type 61 MBT (SG01)

2200Yen (no date)

1/72 JGSDF Type 74 MBT (SG02)

2200Yen (no date)

1/72 JGSDF Type 90 MBT (SG03)

2200Yen (no date)


1/700 LCC-19 USS Blue Ridge (M24) 3500Yen (no date)

1/700 LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney (M25)

3500Yen (no date)

1/700 Sovremmeny Class DDG BOEVOY (HM49)

4500Yen (no date)

1/350 Akula Class SSN (CS30)

7500Yen (no date)

1/350 Type 23 and Type 206A U-Boats (CS31)

4200Yen (no date)


1/35 IJA Type 89 howitzer +4 figures (GF71) 13800Yen (no date)

1/35 IJA Type 91 howitzer +4 figures (GF72)

13800Yen (no date)

1/35 IJA Type 98 6t prime mover +3 figures (GF73)

13800Yen (no date)

1/35 IJN Type 96 twin 25mm +3 figures (GF74)

8500Yen (no date)

1/700 WW2 German Tank Set (MW55)

3 each of Elefant, Nashorn, Jagdtiger 1500Yen (no date)

1/700 WW2 US Tank Set (MW56)

3 each of M24, M4A1, M12 1500Yen (no date)

1/700 WW2 Russian Tank Set (MW57)

3 each of SU-100, ISU-122, IS-II 1500Yen (no date)

1/700 USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II (MP7) Set of 5

1500Yen (no date)

1/700 USN F-35 (MP76) Set of 5

1500Yen (no date)

1/700 An-225

3800Yen (no date)


1/700 Bismarck class set (PE159) 2500Yen (no date)

1/700 Kagero class set (PE160)

1300Yen (no date)

1/700 Asashio set (PE161)

1300Yen (no date)

1/700 Mutsuki, Kamikaze class set (PE162)

1300Yen (no date)

1/700 USN Livermore class set (PE163)

1300Yen (no date)

1/700 WW2 RN BB/CA/CL set (PE36)

4200Yen (no date)

1/700 WW2 German Navy Radar set (PE94)

1300Yen (no date)


formatting link
include 5% VAT)

1/700 IJN Myoko (06) No price info (no date)

1/700 IJN Nachi (07) No price info (no date)

1/700 IJN Yamato [final outfit] (special announcement) No price info (no date)

1/700 IJN Musashi [final outfit] (special announcement) No price info (no date)

1/48 T-2 JASDF 50th Anniversary (R 9) 3150Yen (19 Oct)

1/48 F-15J 306 Sqd JASDF 50th Anniversary (R 7)

3150Yen (19 Oct)

1/48 F-1 6 Sqd JASDF 50th Anniversary (R 10)

3150Yen (19 Oct)

1/72 F-14D Super Tomcat (royal collection)

4095Yen (27 Oct)

1/72 F-14A Tomcat (royal collection)

4095Yen (27 Oct)
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Gernot Hassenpflug

Thanks for the info there. I am afraid I cannot remember the details either, I thought it was a I. I do know it wasa Hei sub-type. I'll be able to check through email later on. Cheers,

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Gernot Hassenpflug

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