[Announce] New releases in Japan 2006/12

Hi all,

I just paged through the latest Model Art (2007/1) issue, and as usual Japanese makers are appealing to people's desire of something new, limited-edition, or different :-) I've only noted a few here, there are more, so please seee respective makers' webpages.

*Hasegawa* 1/48 collection of Zero fighters, includes 15 variants. (released end of December)

From above, to sell separately one hopes, new are the A6M1, A6M7, A6M8, and A6M2-K (2-seater)

*Aoshima* 1/350 IJN CA Takao (maybe 1941, release date not specified)

*Pitroad* (I Think)

1/700 IJN BB Fuso & Yamashiro 1944 (released end of December)

*Other news*

plenty of "decal" releases from FujiTamiGawa.

I would expect the Hasegawa 1/48 B-26C Marauder to have made a killing already in the flak-filled skies of the various importer ledgers, if it has not run out of fuel on the journey to the targets. I still maintain the B-25 is a better aircraft to model :-)

I heard the modified 1/700 IJN Kongo class (with hanger, ala Burke Type 3) will be out soon too. The leadship (and one sistership too IIRC) is already launched, named Atago.

Enjoy the Christmas shopping, and salivating!

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*Nit pick alert ON*

"IJN" (Imperial Japanese Navy) is a bit anachronistic when applied to ships of the JMSDF (Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force).

*Alert OFF*


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Bill Shatzer

You are too right - I was going to write something else there and got confused between phone calls ... bugger me! (that's figuratevely, of course!)

BTW quite a lot of Japanese refer to their armed forces as just that, giving up the pretence that they are a Defence Force, 'guntai' rather than 'jieitai'. I jest that armies should be known as 'kaneitai' - protection of the bueraucracy, or government.

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