Bachmann new items 2006

2006 Releases

Information regarding our 2006 range of Bachmann Branchline and Graham Farish models will be released in conjunction with the London Toy Fair.

Details will also be posted on this website from 1200hrs. on Wednesday 25th January.

Mike B

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Mike B
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Wednesday 25th

I will only be happy if they announce a LNER L1 2-6-4 tank, is that a pig flying past?!...

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Nope, just an LMS 2-6-0.......


Cheers, John.

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John Lancaster

"John Lancaster" wrote

That's what my money's on! :-)



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John Turner

Waaaah! waaah! waaah! waaaaaaaahhhh! I want a class 14, and a 15, and a 16! Oh, and an 07 while we're at it!



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I think you mean a Mickey Mouse? We've already got a Flying Pig.


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I still want my Dukedog :-) Cheers, Bill.

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Bill Davies

I just wish they would deliver the items promised last year, rather than focusing on new stuff they may not deliver until 2007 due to the backlog of stuff from last year...

I'm waiting for the Fairburn tank... want to see that with the recent Mucky Duck before I decide where to spend my ££'s (though I expect I'll get them both).


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Ian Cornish

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