New Error Message in 2006

One of my compatriots has run into a new error message in 2006 when he tries
to join parts or combine bodies: "This feature can only modify an existing
body. It cannot create new bodies." Anybody got a clue as to what is going
on? The parts and/or bodies are OK, they are in contact (forcing face
contact makes no difference) and we don't see any obvious reasons for the
failure to combine/join..
Jerry Steiger
Tripod Data Systems
"take the garbage out, dear"
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Jerry Steiger
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Are the two parts of the same sex or different sexes. I've yet to see new bodies created from same sex joining. Perhaps this is SW way of keeping their program from becoming "gay". ;-) Is this only on the one computer or do you see it on more than one with the same parts.
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