Aoshima 1/700 JMSDF Hyuga a blast

Hi all,
I am enjoying posting on r.m.s again after deciding that contribution is
more fun than wondering where the hell everybody went :-)
Last week Aoshima released their 1/700 JMSDF Hyuga[1], the newest
Japanese Navy helicopter carrier and god knows what functions it is
supposed to perform apart from keeping the military complex turning
This kit[2] comes on the heels of the Trumpeter/Pitroad release of
several weeks ago---which I also bought---and I have to say,
The Aoshima kit is superior to the Pitroad one in every aspect,
The kit comes with some fantastic injection-molded detail, I have not
before seen such fine hull and superstructure grilles, nor door and
hatch detail. Even such items that have some kind of cross-ribbing look
good in plastic.
The hangar deck detail is pretty amazing, for a while I did not realize
the deck I was looking at was actually the hangar deck, and that the
flight deck was hidden under the pretty large decal sheet.
Small parts are very fine, and for the first time in a long while I
found a broken part in a Japanese kit: one of the CIWS barrels has
broken and hangs on by merely a whisker.
Photo-etch is included, mostly helicopter blades and antennae. Aoshima
sells a separate PE fret (2100 JPY MSRP) but this is not very good: it
has more helicopter blades, deck-edge netting which is usable, some
other small details, and lots of railings which are way too thick (think
Eduard from 20 years ago!).
The MSRP is 3600 JPY which is amazingly good value compared to the
Pitroad kit, although admittedly the latter came with a full-hull option
(I bought the limited release waterline-only version to save a few
hundred JPY, silly me).
I don't know if I will ever build the Pitroad kit now, so if someone
wants one cheap, let me know :-)
In any case, if you have never had an interest in JMSDF ships, maybe
this is one to turn your bias around. I put up some photos of the main
parts on the Modelwarships site[4].
Best regards, and happy modeling!
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And Ospreys!
I am now waiting for the 22DDH which should be a fair bit of plastic!
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