Revell 1/350-450? USS Enterprise Deck Question

Have the instructions here at work, does not mention the scale...
just how well do the three deck sections go together? Dealing with
seams on a
carrier deck is not something I am used to.
Guess I could always line up the a/c along the seams...
what a/c are supposed to come with the kit? kind of simple molds but
all I think I can figure out are a few F-4's....
thx - Craig
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The scale is 1/400. This is the old Aurora kit. The aircraft were F-4s, F-8s, A-4s and a pair of HUP helicopters. Otaki/Arii have a couple of 1/400 aircraft sets of their own which are compatible with the Aurora/RM Enterprise. The sets include F-4s, F-14s, RA-5s, A-6s, A-7s, E-2s, EA-6Bs and SH-3s. The fit of the three deck sections was OK. I built the kit back in the dark ages of the late '60s (when it cost all of $10) and motorized it (another $2-3) so I left the center section removeable. I don't recall any significant fit problems and the center section did screw down flush. Last time I visited my parents house it was still flush. It helps if you ca n find a copy of Detail and Scale vol 39 on the Enterprise.
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thx much. love how Tamiya got a larger version of the Enterprise into a box 3 times smaller than the revell box. the revell box will be great for all my kids hot wheel track though...
TomGAJ wrote:
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Funny thing is the original Aurora box was pretty much the same size as Tamiya's...
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The reason for the three section deck has to do with the original Aurora release of this kit.
Aurora offered a motorizing kit for the original USS Enterprise and the center deck section allowed access to the battery compartment. As I recall, the original center deck section was held in place with a tongue and a tiny screw. A few of the motorizing components were included with the Enterprise kit and rest were in a separate motorizing kit included two electric motors (duh) and might have also included the battery box (4 or 6 "C" cells), mounting brackets and worm gears for driving the screws, and the associated wiring and electrical hardware. There was a sliding switch mounted somewhere on the hull side toward the rear to turn the motors on and off.
I waited weeks for the local hobby shop to get one of the kits for me which gave me time to save up the princely sum of $2.00 to purchase it back in 1968. I got the hardware all mounted and ready to go and filled up the bathtub. I could hardly stand the anticipation of watching CVN-65 on its maiden cruise so I turned on the switch and to my huge disappointment, the thing barely moved! I guess the screws were just not big enough in this scale to provide much thrust.
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